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Teaching my girlfriend chess

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    Scottrf wrote:

    @mapearson, haha!

    @Yuska, yeah I do know one Russian actually and she doesn't know chess at all so I guessed it wasn't taught in schools.

    Your game didn't look too bad (until your 29th move ), don't forget you don't always have to move the king from check, you can block the check or capture the checking piece.

    oookaaaay, thankyou very much! I'll try to do better! Awh that was just my maybe 5th or 6th game :33 pretty hard to play chess but I-want-to-get-it!

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    This! Is! CHESSPARTAA!!

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    Show her Rensch's patterns everyone must know, or even better, steal his patterns, and pretend you came up with them yourselve Cool

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    Scottrf wrote:

    Dump her if she doesn't already know Grunfeld theory 20 moves deep.

    Na I think basic mates, simple pawn endgames and all the basic tactics is a good start. Basically everything that's taught here:


    I'm going to give myself a good lashing for the following pun, but "...The Devil makes me do it": If you have a GIRLFRIEND, I'd introduce her to various MATING  POSITIONS, Hehehehe. Like I said, "The Devil made me do it".


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