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My chess haiku Laughing

Indeed, I like chess
'Til the point I am mated
Then I am quite sad.


Nice jd, nothing like a little humor to help a thread along.

Thanks again to everyone who has pitch in #:)
jd, this is for you.



phishcake5 wrote:

jd, this is for you.



Ah...I love Laurel and Hardy. Thanks. Laughing


Igor Gorin  "Game of Chess"


         "Nature" is what we see


"Nature" is what we see--
The Hill--the Afternoon--
Squirrel--Eclipse--the Bumble bee--
Nay--Nature is Heaven--
Nature is what we hear--
The bobolink--the Sea--
Thunder--the Cricket--
Nay--Nature is Harmony--
Nature is what what we know--
Yet have no art to say--
So impotent Our Wisdom is
To her Simplicity.


   Emily Dickinson


Samuel Bak  "Luna"


           The Planet on the Table


Ariel was glad he had written his poems.
They were of a remembered time
Or of something seen that he liked.

Other markings of the sun
Were waste and welter
And the ripe shrub writhed.

His self and the sun were one
And his poems, although makings of his self
Were no less makings of the sun.

It was not important that they survive.
What mattered was that they should bear
Some lineament or character,

Some affluence, if only half-perceived,
In the poverty of their words,
Of the planet of which they were part.


          Wallace Stevens


Boldriaan  "Chess en Dans"


Boldriaan  "Supreme or Capitulation?"


Layachi Hamidouche  "Le Chemin Des Clones"


              The Moon and the Yew Tree


This is the light of the mind, cold and planetary.
The trees of the mind are black.  The light is blue.
The grasses unload their griefs on my feet as if I were God,
Prickling my ankles and murmuring of their humility.
Fumy, spiritous mists inhabit this place
Separated from my house by a row of headstones.
I simply cannot see where there is to get to.

The moon is no door.  It is a face in its own right,
White as knuckle and terribly upset.
It drags the sea after it like a dark crime; it is quite
With the O-gape of complete despair.  I live here.
Twice on Sunday, the bells startle the sky--
Eight great tongues affirming the Resurrection.
At the end, they soberly bong out their names.

The yew tree points up.  It has a Gothic shape.
The eyes lift after it and find the moon.
The moon is my mother.  She is not sweet like Mary.
Her blue garments unloose small bats and owls.
How I would like to believe in tenderness--
The face of the effigy, gentled by candles,
Bending, on me in particular, its mild eyes.

I have fallen a long way.  Clouds are flowering
Blue and mystical over the face of the stars.
Inside the church, the saints will be all blue,
Floating on their delicate feet over the cold pews,
Their hands and faces stiff with holiness.
The moon sees nothing of this.  She is bald and wild.
And the message of the yew tree is blackness--blackness and


             Sylvia Plath


Jean-Pierre Alaux  "Gravitation"


       The Brain--is wider than the Sky


The Brain is wider than the sky--
For--put them side by side--
The one the other will contain
With ease--and You--beside--

The Brain is deeper than the sea--
For--hold them--Blue to Blue--
The one the other will absorb--
As sponges--Buckets--do--


Excerpt from The Brain--is wider than the Sky by  Emily Dickinson


phishcake5 wrote:

Oh man, we gotta turn that frown upside down:)   K, lets see from what your saying I'm assuming your starting with the little tree picture box second from left here in this box next to the chess board?  Once you upload into your image cache you should be good to go.  Sometimes when uploading it will not like the name of the file and you have to rename but it doesn't sound like this is whats happening. 

I'd really like to see your images added to the thread, but your gonna have to walk me through set by step so I can get a better idea where its going wrong.  

ps  No worries if its to much of a hassle #;)  

 yes, i copy the image from my computer, than go to the little tree picture box(insert image), try to made paste of the image and the option paste doesnt appear....??????


Ok, try this:

1.  open the tree picture box first.

2.  in the box that opens there is another tiny one at the far right from "image url" click that.

3. this will prompt another box to open, your image cache, at the top right there is an "upload" click this.

4.  this will open a box that gives you the option to "browse" your computer for files to upload.

5.  select your image click "open"

6.  now you will see your image in the previous box ready to upload, do so.

7.  if it uploads succesfully you will see the image in your image cache click it

8.  in the very first box you will see your image info there click insert #:) and walla


Victor Vasarely  "knot"


Dominique Digeon  "Echiquier La Marquise De Gange"


thank you very much phishcake5, but it gives an error about pop-up; i allow the pop-up, but even with that option gives the same error. ????? Yell

well, i guess i surrender, but its a great pleasure to see all in this topic - i love art.Smile


joaoporto wrote:

thank you very much phishcake5, but it gives an error about pop-up; i allow the pop-up, but even with that option gives the same error. ?????

well, i guess i surrender, but its a great pleasure to see all in this topic - i love art.

I commend you for a valiant effort:)   The art will keep flowing.  Probably not even half way through the images I want to add to this thread (hopefully other members of the community will continue to contribute as well:)  And there have yet to be any games still lots to look forward to:)  


Dominique Digeon  "Ecorche a l' ortie"


               BOBO'S  METAMORPHOSIS



Bobo, a nasty boy, was changed into a fly.
In accordance with the rite of the flies he washed himself by a rock
    of sugar
And ran vertically in caves of cheese.
He flew through a window into the bright garden.
There, indomitable ferryboats of leaves
carried a drop taut with the excess of its rainbow,
Mossy parks grew by ponds of light in the mountains of bark,
An acrid dust was falling from flexible columns inside cinnabar
And though it did not last longer than from teatime till supper,
Later on, when he had pressed trousers and a trimmed moustache,
He always thought, holding a glass of liquor, that he was cheating
For a fly should not discuss the nation and productivity.
A woman facing him was a volcanic peak
Where there were ravines, craters and in hollows of lava
The movement of the earth was tilting crooked trunks of pines.


                 Czeslaw Milosz


Dominique Digeon  "L' Immortelle"


Nicolas Sphilas  "from the Game Kasparov - Karpov (1-0)


Nicolas Sphicas  "Flank Opening"


Aad Van Den Bosch  "composite 3"