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the most dangerous opening that the world has ever seen.

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    kings indian defence the jonathan mrs gabarbar vsriation.
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    how can we play this

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    Black to move wins ( ...dxe6, Nxd8 e5+ followed by Bxg4 -+) and white to move would of course also win(Nxd8).

    Anyway I seriously doubt you will get to this position in a game when black is not completly stupid and does take your pieces and does try to develop pieces in any way.

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    This is not the most dangerous opening at all.

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    Black's Elo rating was less than 300.

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    Black to move, but white will win

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    The way i See it black has done two moves while white has done minimum 14. If its blacks turn to do 12 moves im betting on black to vinn


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