The ninth gate chess problem!


Well, I had seen the movie (the ninth gate) and I quite liked it but to be honest, I 'd never notices that one of the engravings showed had actually CHESS involved! Yes, that's right and I found out by accident.

Well, let's have a look since it's interesting. The engraving showed is the following and it represents the 7th gate:

What I found out on the internet was that the position displayed is this:
This is a draw and you can try it on board for yourselves. Of course, the white bishop delivers a check so black must capture the piece. After that white has no time to checkmate black. Have a look if you want, in a puzzle form in order to be more tempting :-)
Below the engraving, it says:

“The disciple outshines the master.”

As I write, the player is a King (white) versus a Begar (black) but the meaning behind it is that man can be equal to God with the proper knowledge. I thought it was quite fascinating and I wanted to share it with you, since chess is involved! Cheers

This is surprisingly astounding.


That's astoundingly surprising.


The soundtrack of the movie is also astounding! Listen to it and you 'll like it probably...