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The non cheating site

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    Chess.com has two sites one is cheating and other is non cheating. Paid members are in non cheating.

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    The stupid! It burns!

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    I have experience of above 300 games

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    Yes, once one has played 300 games here, the eyes are opened to how the site really works.

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    Both groups err.

    Slightly less so in subscribed-memberships as they have their fees to risk losing.

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    Just don't play the same guy twice. The odds of running into cheats, esp on blitz, in a row, are pretty slim. Can't say about correspondence.

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    I've played a diamond member banned for cheating.

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    Scottrf wrote:

    I've played a diamond member banned for cheating.

    Scott, he or she was probably under the 300 game threshold and simply didn't know the "rules".

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    300 games are nothing.You must have played with no more than 30 paying members

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    i pay and i cheat

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    Your payment is overdue, tiger.


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