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The Parham Attack

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    Recently there has been a lot of buzz about this opening, and I was quite surprised that anyone was playing it. As a beginner chess player, it was one of the first openings I saw. Now a days, it is well aware that the opening is "refuted" or atleast black is able to get an excellent position out of it. In the following Diagram, I will show this. 

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    After Qb3, Nd4 also works. 

    Bxf7 Ke7 Qc4 b5! 0-1.

    This is just a variation of the parham.

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    Fruits and Tacos. F00-Game Gambit Declined

    F01-Fruit Attack-Now on Wii and Xbox!

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    Well, as far as I can tell, black is better from the opening. I am not saying that white is lost, white is just worse, which is not a good sign, considering they should get a slight advantage. I saw one game that you played with this, and you won as a result of tactical errors, not the opening. Ne2 is another interesting option. Ill look it over. 

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    2...b6 is Known as the F01 Fruit Attack Kasparov variation.

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    2...Nf6 is also interesting, to just sac the pawn.

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    OK  up/yo/dog  show us patzers how a pro like thyself handles the Parham

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    What you showed, is basicly a declined scholors mate.

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    whatupyodog2-5 wrote:

    Wow, another great diagram except people keep playing like crap for white, why would 6. be c3, you do d3 to threaten pin. The moves after that white plays so dumb i dont feel like addressing. You guys are worse than jetfighter.

    What's the matter talk is cheap you have NOTHING put up or shut-up and stop wasting everybody's time !  Cool

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    whatupyodog2-5 wrote:

    I already have in other threads i think we have solved chess for white after 1.e5.

    Ok my brother i would love to stay and chat with you gotta go, May the force be with you !   Cool

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    I think whatup only plays the parham against 1...e5. Against moves like 1...e6 and 1...d5 he has been playing mainline French and scandi. by the way, what up is a GM.

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    They are practicing politics.  Render unto Caissa those things that are Caissa's!  You are right, Stack Overflow has good incentives.  I do wonder, however: is there such thing as the Parham? Where is Parham? Does it have to do with salted pork? Is it related to other meaty foods such as Prawns?

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