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The Power of your Style is Equal to Experience X Speed of your mind.

  • #61

    Sorry your tummies queasy

    neil can be a little squeeky

    so, opinion stated, now go

    buy a bottle of pink pepto

  • #62

    I once observed that spastic hippie play

    a solo, while I looked on with chagrin

    it appeared that he was trying to work his way

    out of some bag he wasn't even in

  • #63

    I know of this bag

    it has a few scents

    a little like oregano

    smoked in tenths

  • #64

    in salad days I oft played "Sea of Madness"

    and felt what I believed to be true gladness

    now though I drink to those days rather dismal

    by reaching once more for the Pepto Bismol

  • #65

    Pepto Bismol tastes like crap

    but i'll still pour it in a big spoon

    It helps prevent falling in the trap

    of staying bent over in the bathroom

  • #66

    I bought a bag of some great rare elixir

    and puffed away and hoped new light would show

    and then I loaded Harvest on the mixer

    (but nope, he still was squawking like a crow)

  • #67

    If I took that approach

    of smoking a choice roach

    Then played Harvest and heard Neil blow

    I would be rolling on the floor cackling like a crow.

  • #68

    Thanks, Conq.

  • #69

    Thank you as well

    "as well" instead of too

    It's an urge that's hard to quell

    Maybe there's a poet in you

  • #70

    The Queen sees the peasants

    she's barely awake

    she yells and she rants

    "Let them eat cake!"

  • #71

    The pawn is so lame

    with it's little bulbous head

    but ignore it in the game

    and Boom . . . Promotion . . . Queen . . . You're Dead

  • #72
    AndyClifton wrote:

    hey look, I gave Neil the gong!

    that doesn't mean "Post one more song"

    But, did you do the dance?

  • #73

    You mean this guy?...

  • #74

    Mark, maybe you're not cut out

    to play chess as slow as we do

    if you think your angst is bad now

    just wait till you get to move 2


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