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The Ruling Goddess of Chess

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    The game of Chess has a ruling goddess and her name is ???

    What is her name and what is the background behind it ???

    If you know the answer, please write "I KNOW" in the comments.

    I'll post the answer in a couple of days.

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    I (think I) know.

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    This could be a trick question. "Ruling" must mean "still alive" so perhaps it's the current Women's WCC  Alexandra Kosteniuk? (i was going to say Caissa from the Greek legend which has a very interesting story behind it).

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    Gods are immortal. And yes, goddess of chess is still ruling, and her name is 

    C _ _ _ _ _!

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    Is it Rosie O'Donnell? TELL ME NOW!

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    I believe batgirl has a blog entry on this one, Opie ole pal.

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    Argh. Caissa.

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    Paul Truong? ;)

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    The answer is "Caissa". Hate to spoil it, there were so many good guesses.

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    Are you sure it wasn't Betty Boop?

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    I'll go with Natalia

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    Just cuz she's a titled player?

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    Well you're a titled player, and I sure don't picture you as much of a goddess. Laughing

    So the answer to your question is no.

  • #16

    How about LisaV ?  Oh, wait, we're after a goddess, not a mistress. Cool

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    Well, from a "muppet's-eye" perpective, that could well be so..Tongue out

    Interesting legend, so thanks for posting it paul211. All i need to know now is how to "invoke" the Goddess's blessing on my games... perhaps i have to go naked as well...

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    Seems to me if some otherworldly being is going to pay the huge price to export that much mass to escape velocity, it's probably not going to be for a 1973 Datsun.

    Now, a 1975 Lamborghini Countach is another story . . . 

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    That was a pic from a 2008 auction preview.  The estimate for the car was $425,000 to $525,000.  I reduced the size of the pic a tad for the forum-- if you want the original web pic here's the link to the original page, and it's the 9th or 10th car down the page.



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