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The_Gavinator account got closed

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    So what happened to him?

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    Dunno, maybe he got sick of chess!

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    or got sick of fighting for the Parham.

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    He just started a great new thread too, on some opening.

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    C'mon man.. you post a forum, then your thread gets locked.. 

    The staff won' tell you anyways.. so it's really no use. 

    Must be for cheating, spamming, abusive language or simply that he closed his acc himself. 

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    Maybe he lost the initiative after bringing his queen out too early.

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    goldendog wrote:

    He just started a great new thread too, on some opening.

    what was it called, "The Bongcloud" ? 

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    I'll try to contain myself.

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    The parham thread was completely removed, not just locked. I bet there was some sort of major argument that got him banned. Sadly, I missed the last 14 posts of the thread, and it's gone now.

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    What did he did to get his account closed?

  • #12

    two dozen parbaked threads?

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    The Parham epidemic got out of hand, so the mods reacted. Should be quiet for a while.

  • #14

    unless a new conspiracy theory come up again.

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    Gavinator 2.

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    So what exactly happened in this Parham thing?

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    There's a list of (caught) cheaters here:


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    Ah, he will be missed...


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    pfren wrote:

    Ah, he will be missed...


    Aah.. definitely not..

    by you.

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    Forum topic locked??

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