THIS is how you play an aggressive Queen pawn opening....(not a london system)..please leave feedbac


Step 1: derp around on the queenside
Step 2: wait for the opponent to blunder something on the kingside
Step 3: post about how your game is so aggressive


Step 4: tell all the rest of us how clueless we are and how this game is finally gonna open our eyes


I can't tell who's being rude, and who's responding in kind. I'll just say that I didn't find the game to be anything instructive, nor did you provide any analysis that would make it so.

Grats on your win anyway!


 "I didn't get anything out of it...but thanks!" grin.png


Talk about blowing smoke up your own...


 The modern way:  insincere compliments are better than no compliments at all. happy.png