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This Site will soon have 6 Million Members !!!

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    I see that this site now has over 5.76 Million Members and should hit 6 Million in a few weeks ( Jolly Good Show !!! ). There is a chronic complainer out there who says that this is not a true total but I'm sure that Chess.com will reach 6 Million in spite of him ( take that you CAD !!! )  lol.

    Update: Yes the chap that had the rather negative thread has been given the heave-ho, so long pal. Smile

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    Is there some correlation between Chess.com's membership and the world population? 

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    but who's better... morphy or kasparov

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    Good point ! Plus more people in the world are getting onto the internet as well.

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    Checkevrytim: Look to the future --- Magnus Carlsen or Hikaru Nakamura ???

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    I find a closer correlation to this population:


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    The pronounced spike in chess.com membership started in about 1980 then?

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    Schacci: Thanks for the info.

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    I was thinking --- perhaps a prize for the 6 Millionth person ? 

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    I think there was a prize for the 5th (or 4th, I've been here too long) member.

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    Might cause a proliferation of bogus accounts and fuel that "other" thread you referred to.

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    Well I'm not that hung up on numbers, the fact is that new members are joining all the time. That is a good thing IMO.

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    Well we seem to have won the " War of the Threads ". There was a thread on the go about this site being at the 5 Million Member mark but that thread is now locked. I can only repeat my earlier comment: Take that you CAD  lol. 

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    Chess.com probably has a script running making "new members" everyday.

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    here we go again...

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    Yes and STILL they come !!! ( the naysayers are everywhere  lol ).

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    a sissy says cad

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    A lot of us didn't find it amusing when they first implemented the "pictures in off-topic forums only" rule, but we have adapted.

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    You're supposed to stick to irreverent images:

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    That seems like a relevant image.


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