THOUGHT EXPERIMENT - What would happen if a chess engine went back in time?

Prometheus_Fuschs wrote:

I'm almost sure they'd think of him as a cheater especially if he was incapable of explaining his decisions. Remember the 1972 WCC? People X-rayed Fischers chair and he wasn't a cheater so that should tell you how paranoic people were.

engines werent as strong


Yes but my point is that people were already looking for "cheats" (whatever they were) all the way back then even though neither player had any real reason to be thought of as a cheater.


Maybe this question would have more merit if you wound back the clock a few more decades when chess engines didn't even exist.


They didn't x-ray his chair to check if he was cheater, he requested it because he thought the Soviets put a bug in it to disrupt him. He was paranoid.


Fair enough but I still think it shows how paranoic people could be about such an unusual player.


I don't think the concept of cheating would even be considered honestly for a pre-computer grandmaster. Maybe unless they had a secret team of grandmasters to confer with, but until Deep Blue, there just wasn't any chess engine that could beat a world champion. 


   Why is everyone guessing what would happen? It was already done. It was called Capablanca.

nimzomalaysian wrote:

Let's say one of today's strongest chess engines, Komodo or Stockfish went back in time (let's say to the 60s or the 70's) along with all the opening and endgame databases.

The foundation of computer chess was already laid way earlier back in the vacuum tube age.

People can extrapolate. You are playing moves that have not been played yet, people can tell something is up.

Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode. Somebody went back in time and gave a life saving vaccine. Bacteria evolves against vaccines. So going back in time makes that vaccine ineffective in the present time.

The Afghan war is going on for 20 years against a technologically inferior enemy and the Coalition Forces haven't won yet.

Haven't you seen The Terminator? Future technology can be beaten by present day technology, and the "Power of Love."


Look at the quality of the art of Peter Pan 1 vs. Peter Pan 2. I and my friend joke about Peter Pan 2. He said, "Peter Pan 2 is drawn on a Mac!" That's not far off.

We are weaker than our ancestors. We don't even walk, we drive.


Chess is great. But it has its flaws. It gives us the illusion of knowledge and certainty.

Compare chess to poker. A poker computer program will do you no good in the past. Would you stake the farm on the recommendation of a computer? (Assuming no cards counting [which also can be done manually in the past])


Tangentially related:


If you scroll to the bottom, you see grandmasters laughing about the presence of computers, saying they are weak, etc. This was back in the 70s

kindaspongey wrote:

"It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you are" checkmated.

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