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Time violators

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    It certainly would help me.  Does it have floppy ears and a fuzzy tail?

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    I have the same question as Lucathakid.  I have a couple of Online games that have been out of time for over two weeks.  I have no idea if the players are coming back or what.  I don't see a way to end the game other than resigning.  I thought there used to be a way to end a game that was out of time.  I guess I wouldn't care if I knew they would finish the games, but I am starting to get a collection of never ending games.  Any advice?

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    On cloudroid (android online chess app) there is a 'poke' button. If you poke your opponent they have 30 secs to reply that they're still playing otherwise they lost automatically.

    In order to avoid abuse (getting the 'are you playing' message 50 times in a row causing you to lose time) there is a 3x per game limit.

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    I know what you are saying chrisr 2212, but this posting is a chance for us to rant.  Does it affect my game enjoyment? Yes.  Could it keep people (good people) from playing this wonderful site?  Yes.  That my friend makes it wrong.  Just saying.

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    It's annoying, but there isn't much that you can do about it. Instead of getting pissed off you could just sit back and read a book, play the guitar, or whatever you like to do and wait for the game to be over. If you don't want to babysit the game you could just take a look at the remaining time on your clock, and return within that amount of time so that you can't time out.


    I think it would be nice if chess.com implemented a time control that includes max move time. This has probably been suggested a thousand times before though.

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    I only do 30 min. ones, and aborting? dont do it


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