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To hell with king safety

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    Here is an extremely sharp position where my intuition tells me black is lost, but houdini tells me im stupid, and i tell houdini that it is stupid.

    In the following position, almost every "natural" move is playable




















    Qa4, all legal king moves, all legal rook moves are playable.  Have a fun time figuring out this crapshoot of a position.

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    which way to exit?

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    Rf1 looks good to me. If bishop takes, Qf3. Rook chomps on f7 if not (followed by a rather nasty attack), I don't see how black can get out of this.


    Just realized f6, feel dumb.

    Nevermind, Qh5 wins that!!!


    Nf6. I'd respond e5, let bishop attack f6, looks good.


    I'd let Houdini evaluate this personally, computers are good at sharp tactics. More fun to try and figure out lines by hand though!

    How did this position crop up? One of your games? Who won?

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    Tbh I like kd2

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    Almost on topic : Isn't 5.Nxd4 good for White?

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    Mainline_Novelty wrote:

    Almost on topic : Isn't 5.Nxd4 good for White?

    Personally, I think so.

    If 5. Nxd4 cxd4, 6. Qf3 Bb7, 7. Qxb7 Nd7,

    8. exd4

    And white is up two pawns.

    Black has to defend the future attack on the rook before trying to take the knight or win back the pawn.

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    Knight takes pawn. Bishop takes rook. Queen forces a checkmate.


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