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Too Easy

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    Lots of posts about tactics being 'easy' or 'too easy' in the tactic problems comment section.

    The practice of repeating lots of simple tactical ideas is key for instantly recognising these patterns in games for all levels of players up to expert.

    Even really good players can miss hanging pieces or a simple fork.

    So instead of saying 'too easy' how about writing 'excellent tactic for improving my board vision and tactical awareness. Thanks Chess.com I love you' 

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    Excellent post for improving my site appreciation and general awareness.

    Thanks DJAbucus, I love you!

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    The reason that they say 'too easy' is because they don't see the value of practising simple tactics. 

    Regarding your idea for openings tactics. Tactics are about finding the best move in a position which wins material.

    In many stages of the opening, there is no clear 'best move' so it wouldn't work. In your example I would play 3 d4 (the Scotch). This is not correct or incorrect. It's preference for a particular move in the opening.

    Puzzles can be a good way to practise opening lines, but very labour intensive. Have you tried ChessPositionTrainer. It's great for what you may be looking for.

    @doggy I love you too.

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    Some of them are easy... as in the only check on the board is mate (or something like this).

    Some of them the people saying "easy" didn't solve the puzzle, people just say that.  You'll also see comments "good puzzle, but ___ was a faster mate!" when of course it wasn't.

    Anyway, don't worry about what others say.

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    Thanks wafflemaster...I'll try...

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    A tactic is "easy" when you are familiar with the underlying tactical pattern and more difficult when you have not seen it before.  A group of players with the same rating on Tactics Trainer will vary in the patterns they know and don't know.  Puzzles with nearly the same rating on TT will therefore vary quite a bit in how difficult they appear to be for each individual.  

    It is reassuring to know when you 'fail' a puzzle you have learned more than when you solve one that is easy for you.  This is analogous to learning more from your losses in games than you learn from crushing a weaker opponent.  For what it's worth, I'm convinced my time on TT is better for my game than studying openings.

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    I'm big into tactics atm. However, rather than using the rating system (which I think distracts from the real point of practising tactics) I set it to 'unrated'. I have read that it is best to become very familiar with basic tactical patterns before moving onto more complex combinations. Atm I am on 1000-1100. I will be spending as much time as possible on this section until tactics at this level become second nature.

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    An excellent site for tactics instruction (with some practice opportunity) is www.chesstactics.org.  Helped me a lot a few years back.


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