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Top-secret method for chess improvement that THEY don't want you to know about!

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    MRM2112 escreveu:
    Who is “they”?




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    Good advice!

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    Bad advice
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    Thanks a lot FM Chuddog!

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    I was playing golf one day with my friend who was having a bad round (as usual). He said to me, "I am dissatisfied with my game and I only practice once a week, whereas the pros are dissatisfied with theirs, and they practice hours each day." 

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    Best post I've read in YEARS - Good Dog!

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    when you say "THEY"  about whom are you referring too?

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    when you say "THEY"  about whom are you referring too?

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        I think that some people aren't necessarily looking to get out of putting the work in, they are just looking for the right way or best way to put the work in.


       While I think that pretty much everyone could put certain techniques to use, other types of training techniques aren't optimal for everyone. We all learn differently and at different rates, or have differing levels of money, time and energy.  I think this is where some personal experimentation or seeking a good coach or coaches can come into play. There are probably as many bad teachers as there are students, by percentage also. That is human nature. A willful student is as much a problem, as is a selfish and headstrong teacher.

      It would be fool hearty to not take advantage of what a player like Botvinnik learned from putting in the work. There definitely is a science to chess strategy and tactics. There also is an art to it, so studying the styles of really good players is a good idea too. Seeing what made them great or how they could be exploited is worth investigating.

    I don't see a problem with using an engine necessarily, to learn with. It is a tool and like any tool, it can be used properly or misused. A hammer isn't a screwdriver and a screwdriver isn't a chisel. I agree that trying to memorize an engine's output, in case you encounter that line, is a waste of time, memory and energy. It doesn't teach you how to think or how to play. 

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    Well of course we don't want you to know about it!! How are we supposed to pattent "work?????"


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