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Tournament preparation

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    In the beginning of April i have a school chess tournament, the players there are rated around 1200-1400. I have been preparing for 1. d4 with the Slav, against 1. e4 the Sicilian. I have to ask one question, there is a guy in a tournament that won it last time, i didnt play cause i was too busy with school itself, that almost always fianchettos one of his bishops sometimes even both of them in the first 5-6 moves. And he doesnt move pawns in the opening by 2 squares, usually just one, which makes his position look passive but hard to break while he is trying to break the center he gave you in the opening. I was wondering what black would play here, against these types of openings. Thanks in advance :)


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    In diagram one just develop your pieces with a space advantage, Bd6 Be6 0-0 maybe h6 to stop ng5 harassing the bishop, think maybe about Qd7 aiming for Bh3, trading off his kings bishop and making apparent the weakness of his light squares.

    For diagram 2 you already have a god advantage, I believe this setup is explained in lakdawalas slav move by move if you can get a copy.

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