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Valentine's Day in Japan

  • #1

    Thought I'd share these cool Valentine's Chocolate I got today. 


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    That is so cool & it looks yummy to...

  • #3

    i'd take the white pawn.

  • #4

    I'd share it were ya'll here. :D

  • #5

    And you thought you were getting another chess book :))

  • #6

    That's incredible.  Somebody really likes you.

  • #7

    So what are you giving for White Day then?

  • #8

    I like eating my opponents pawns as much as the next guy. But, geez!

  • #9
    wanmokewan wrote:

    So what are you giving for White Day then?

    usually I do homemade, chocolate dipped candied orange, or chocolate cups filled with berries and whip cream. You make the cups by dipping ballons in melted chocolate and then popping them. If the department store has something nice, then maybe that. 

    @varelse1 to be fair, you have to say j'adoube before eating.


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