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Very hard puzzle - first solver gets a trophy!

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    This puzzle was shown me by my coach yesterday. The position in the diagram appeared after 4 white moves and 4 black moves. It's now white to play his 5th move. All the moves played were legal. How did the players get to this position?
    Note: this is a very hard puzzle. There is an anectode that it took the USSR national team 20 minutes to solve, and it had such great players as Tal, Polugaevsky, Petrosian etc.! It took me (with help of my brother) almost 1 hour to solve. Please don't answer if you have already seen it :-)
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    Should the moves make sense, or is it allowed to do moves that would not be good if you would try to win the game?

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    Yeah, i know that one ;)

    IM Klaus Berg showed that one, and one more at the same kind, at a chesscamp this summer :) Klaus told us, that his friend GM Nigel Short showed him them.

    This is a very beautiful puzzle!

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    The only way is if Black is giving d-pawn odds.


    EDIT: manymercsmike has it. What a sick crux.
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    i figured it out after some experimenting

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    manymercsmike wrote:

    Is this it?  It works, but it's weird even playing it out.

    1. e4 e6

    2. Bb5 Ke7

    3. Bxd7 c6

    4. Be8 Kxe8

    We have a winner!

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    AWESOME Puzzle!!!!!!!!  I got hung up on trying to triangulate the king with a bishop capture to "waste" the move. 
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    Haha, I'm going to show that to someone, some day.. :D

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    Why doesn't that work?

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    ok now I feel stupid, lol sweet puzzle!

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    I know I'm wrong. I did it in 5 moves


    1. e4 d5 

    2. Bc4 e6

    3. Bxd5 Qxd5

    4. Nf3 Qd8

    5. Ng8 c6

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    grantchamp wrote:

    Why doesn't that work?

    Because black 4th move have to be done to. In your way, black has only done 3 moves.
    As Kacparov said: "It's now white to play his 5th move"

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    That's a quick answer! And sorry, I didn't see that topic...

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    Hey mate, how could I find such puzzles like this? They are quite interesting!

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    You need a coach who knows many puzzles :)

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    A semi reversed bongcloud opening ? Laughing

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