Vote Chess Games


There is some confusion in our team whether you are allowed to use books and game databases in vote chess games. The official answer to this question is a bit ambiguous.

Can I use computers or outside help in my Vote Chess game?

The default stance is that computers and outside help are NOT allowed! However, if a game is going to allow computer or outside help it will be clearly noted in the game description.

Do you play vote chess and if so do you know if team members are  allowed to use books/game databases during the game???


I assumed books were allowed. But do not know if this is correct?


I know Brian (the Equaliser) very well as we play for the same club, his hobby horse has always been that you shouldn't use any aids in any game at all. As to rules I'm not sure.Should be in the help section somewhere


I posted in the big vote chess game 'opening experts vs endgame experts' and so far the opinion is yes of course you can use books and game databases. The same allowances as in turn based chess.


Yes, it's exactly like "online" or "turn-based" games, which in turn are the equivalent of correspondence chess.  No engines or analysis from non-team members, but books, databases, DVDs are all fine.


Thanks for your reply this just assumed because it doesn't specifically say you can't use books and databases in the rules on vote chess. The rules on 'turn based' and 'live' are certainly clearer regarding this.