Weak Prodigy?


is his last name Spassky

llama wrote:
SNUDOO wrote:

How come literally everyone can brag about defeating GMs and stuff at rating 1600 while I have only defeated a WIM in 1 min bullet

Some of them make it up.

I didn't look through all of the OP's games because that would be silly, but FWIW I didn't see any win vs an FM.

And if it's a win in 5 moves, or a win vs a 1500 rated FM then who really cares, right?

Who's game?

chamo2074 wrote:
teal54 a écrit :
chamo2074 wrote:

Well Mr.OP do you know Tanitoluwa Adewumni?


Well Naka is not sure if he's gonna become a grandmaster, I'm not saying you aren't and that he's right, but what is your goal I'm curious

become titled