Weird chess friend bug


Hello there!

I started playing chess 3 days ago, and decided to create an account here on

 I love the concept of online chess, but unfortunently, my internet shuts down from time to time, in long time periods, disabling me from my world of virtual chess :(.

But I found a solution. A so called "chess buddy" freeware downloadable directly from, called Fritz 5.32.

And I must say, he really is a chess buddy, with capital B. Here's what happened:

I opened it and started playing a game with this buddy.

After a few moves, the game suddently locks up, and an infobox appears, reading "mate!". I guess he was trying to cheer me up, after all, my position was pretty bad, and I was down an officer, but now I was unable to move!

How can he be my chess buddy, when he mocks me, by calling me mate, and then locking up the game? Any ideas?

By "mate" possibly it meant "checkmate" which is when the chess game ends. The checkmate occurs when one side has the opponents kind in check and there is no way for the opponent to get out of the check on the next move.
 Yeah one time a similar programme said "draw!" so I pulled out my six shooter as fast as I could... Wink
In Tae kwon do ma-te was a cease & desist from sparring
marysson wrote: "mate" ( pronounced "maa-tee" ) is a paraguany tea...the chess buddy was trying to cheer you up with some mate.

 Actually is from the guaranies indians. And that drink is very common in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay as well.

how do you like living in denmark's capital? yes, it was probably checkmate