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Wesley So closes chess.com account?!

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    He closed his account on Lichess a while back after playing a few people who were cheating, you can find a topic on Reddit about that, google it I am too lazy to find and insert the link.


    I was watching some of the computer chess championships recently on ChessTV, I think it was the day before the Carlsen vs. So match.


    The GM host, I forget his name, said something like: "Wesley is playing in Live, warming up for the match."


    Danny then said something like: "Great, he has sent me a few messages, I love investigating accounts for fair play violations."


    He then lost quite badly against Carlsen.


    He then closed his account.




    The quotes above are not the exact words spoken on the live show, just the general meaning of what the 2 hosts were talking about.

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    Online chess just ain't "his thing."

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    Nakamura also got really bad at chess by playing against a bunch of cheatin dweebs on this place. So did the right thing.

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    Filipino sellout. I bet Susan Polgar is laughing now.

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     Wesley played one cheater on the 14th. Pretty much all the rest of his other recent games were against other titled players. I highly doubt that 3 games against 1 cheating douchebag would make him quit.

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    Kaynight didn't even get to say bye

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    ghost_of_pushwood wrote:

    Allowing people to freely express their thoughts doesn't seem like a shame to me.

    Still members should make respectful posts about their idols like


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    did he even create his own account in the first place


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