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What a clown opponent

  • #141

    can someone delete the previous post and let that guy know he is in for a muting ?

  • #142

    maybe just delete the thread.

  • #143

    If the difference in tone wasn't so different, I would think matrixinhabitant = myratingis1523.

  • #144

    anyone remember najgrunfeld?

  • #145

    I believe he was an FM who tried to do some trolling. 

  • #146
    MatrixInhabitant wrote:

    he played on with the clear purpose of wasting my time.

    LOL...like you had anything better to do.

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  • #148

    Im not sure if he was even an fm

  • #149
    spawkle529 wrote:

    anyone remember najgrunfeld?

    who would remember someone with such a name? It would be easier to remember 5342kl634lkjfsdl

  • #150
    TehSorso wrote:

    Perhaps somebody else is the clown...


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