What are the main ideas and plans for this opening: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.0-0 Be7 5.d3 0-0 6




Sorry I should clarify: What are the plans and main ideas for white in this line?


I dont know

Who are you asking?


Idk I guess I would play for Re1, c3, Nd2-f1-g3 or e3 and then eventually d4 as if it were a Ruy, but Black can probably play d5 right away. At some point after you get in Re1 it would drop a pawn but not now. You have to be ready for it. Also I'm not suggesting h3 because you played d3. This was if Black does want to play Bg3 you just play h3 then and hit the Bishop. If it goes to h5 then you hit it again when the Ng3 plan and eventually you either make Black trade it for a Knight or stick a Knight on f5 or something and Black has no pressure against d4 because you haven't played d4 yet unlike mainline Ruy where you do need h3 because you're planning d4 in one go. This is just one plan/idea. White looks pretty flexible to me.


I asked Petr, Hunger Games, but no luck, he didnt respond to my email, and it is mentioned in one of my books but the book instructs on how to play as black against it. There are numerous games in chessbase from top level players who played this line so I am interested in knowing what its main ideas are, because as black the defense seems a bit peculiar as it is recommended to move your King to a8....


6.a4 is played to grab some queenside space, and create a retreat square for the bishop at a2 (although ...Na5 is not a serious option until the e5 pawn gets extra protection).

Ideally white would like to play 6.c3, which prepares d3-d4 and also makes c2 available to the bishop, but this allows Black a couple of satisfactory plans, including 6...d5!?

You may notice that playing 6.a4 at once is not an accurate approach, as Black can play again 6...d5! with a very good game- so currently the trend is playing 6.Re1! first (6...d6 7.a4), which discourages ...d5 for good.