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What do you all think about when you play a chess nooby???

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    So what scam is everybody talking about?

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    Play the best moves you can, don't instill bad habits in your opponent by playing sub-optimal moves.  There is no point teaching them incorrect sacrifices and poor, trappy defensive maneuvers.

    The only thing I let them do that I wouldn't let a better player do is take back moves that are serious blunders, or mention to them that they have a tactic, but I let them find it for themselves so they actually learn.

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    peranto wrote:How does HE remind you of me???

    I think:"He reminds me of AriesKingsays" 

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    Whos sebleb

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    half of this thread could be of genuine interest for a person new to chess but the other half ie this ongoing row will only put them off see the big picture folks

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    I was a nooby once. I think about all the good players i'd sometimes beat, because they underestimsted me.

    That keeps me from making the same mistakes they did.

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    recently at my chess club we had a father bring his young dauhter to play one of our stronger players offered hr a game and it was a pleasure to see how he made a small positional error and praised her when she took advantage we all felt he did the error deliberatly and later he agreed but to see the look of pleasure on that childs face as she sent his king on a walk to his demise was well worth the ribbing he took 

    that chid has found a love for the game and i thank him for giving her that

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