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What do you say to who " THINKS" they know how to play chess !?

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    I have been thinking about the original question and I have to wonder, given some of the answers, isn't it predicated upon what the definition of 'know' is ? I am sure I think I know how to play chess but that is 'know' in the sense that I know how to set up a board, I know how the pieces move and I know how to win games at and to a certain quantifiable standard (under ELO for instant). 

    But do I 'know' how to play chess as in FULLY understand it? Probably not. If I did I would have a rating in 5 figures having not lost a game in the last 45 years as the planets longest running chess champion.....and as good as such fantasy sounds, if you not learning something new trying to come to grips with new ideas and new concepts.....really whats the point?


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    "Rating 200 maximum", lol troll.  Below 800 is meaningless at that point (ie total newbie, which is being generous).

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    I think the more exacting response would be   'I'm a female you sexist twit'  don't confuse your twits with your twats. 

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    ESP-918 wrote:


    Some many people, especially females THINK they know how to play chess.


    I see this so often , you ask someone :


    Hey, want to play a game?


    Nah , not now , but we know how to play.



    Some other 1000's examples , especially females saying yeah sure we know how to play .



    Ok let me make this clear basically , why I said mostly females , because if men say we know how to play they will have at least some knowledge like rating 300+


    When women says I know how to play chess she means I KNOW HOW THE PIECES MOVES.



    Ok , so this thread is not about abuse or bringing someone down all I want to ask is:



    What do you say to someone who says they know how to play chess, some sort of response that will let them know they actually don't , if you know what I mean.



    Something in a short form , that will embarasse them or give them a clear idea better to say.



    Just remember some people so cocky saying , that they know how to play it , when they actually only knows how the pieces moves or rating 200 maximum


    Well, maybe they're better at grammar.


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