What happens if you knock over your king in chess?

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    Anyone know?

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    You resign

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    Quickly say J'Adoube I assume.

    I cannot imagine too many opponents calling you on this. It is different from touching a piece and trying to change your mind surely?


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    people usually do it to indicate their resignation 

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    If it was accidental, then you cannot be complelled. See post #3.

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    If accidental and on your own time, there is no penalty.  If on your opponent's move, there may be a time penalty.

    If intentional, you've resigned.

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    Have any of you witnessed when playing, your opponent has knocked over his/hers King and at that same moment they wished they hadn't have and then proceed to claim it as accidental?

    If so, what is the conclusion here?

    And yes, if accidental, nothing.

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