What IQ do you have to have to be a grandmaster?

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    low enough to spend so much time on chess

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    Because IQ isn't that important to success in chess, I think IQ wouldn't be very restrictive.  Probably above 70 or 80 to be a GM, but even then maybe  you could find exceptions.

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    richie_and_oprah wrote:
    Admiral_Kirk wrote:

    IQ does not include forms of intelligences such as linguistic intelligence, musical intelligence, spacial inteligence, etc.   Also, people from different cultures are at a disadvantage.

    I'll get a link for you sometime.

    And I'm not saying this because I'm below average or something; I'm actually above average in my age group.

    i did not claim it a panacea only that is it a VERY reliable source on a persons capacity to learn

    and it is 

    see it is easier to learn to play violin when one is more intelligent and there are even such things as artistic prodigies (as it is not just confined to math and science) 

    Certainly there is some degree of correlation, I agree with that.  I'm simply saying that I would not use an IQ result to judge another person's capabilities, unless we're talking about a 30 or more difference in percentile.

    Another part of the issue is that intelligence doesn't have a real set definition.  There's the dictionary definition, but it doesn't really encompass what most people percieve as intelligence.

    I'm off to bed now, but I'll talk more about this with you soon.

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    Zigwurst wrote:

    I'd say that since your rating is 962 that you should start practicing more :P

    looks like i have

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    I meant in order to achieve the title of grandmaster. You got me there.

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    Technically there is no IQ restriction so theoretically nothing is stopping a retard from obtaining the title.  Practically however you have to be at least gifted probably since obviously a retard or even an average wouldn't have the practical mental tools to obtain such a skill level.

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    This talk about IQ is always a little strange to me because IQ is not constant at all. I think there is quite a bit of elitism in the thinking that our brains are just a result of genes and not also the environment. It's much cooler to say that I was born with X or as X than to say that I worked my ass of to be X.

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