What is that orangish drink Magnus Carlsen always has?


I've always seen him drinking a distinct light-orange drink. I am just curious as to what it is. Norwegian mind-steroids?


It's Kasparov's blood, packed with essential "Chess Juices (TM)" and other vitamins to keep the young upstart at the top of his game.


I was hoping to make some, but I don't know where I could get some of Kasparov's blood. Maybe Ebay.


My guess is orange juice. and agree with my hypothesis.

(Ctrl+F and search "orange" in both of those links)

My hypothesis seems to be correct! It is now a *drum roll* law. 

The mysterious man drinking the now un-mysterious liquid, orange juice.

Unfortunately... the smell is quite strong, causing many opponents to faint from the orange fumes.


Unfortunately the orange juice has made Kamsky faint enough, as Kamsky maintains a positive record against Carlsen


It's also packed with raisins (his favorite) and fish oil (his sponsor).


What's NOT in that drink is the question. I went to Carlsen's blog which he suspiciously calls "Chess Drinks" and here is what is in that concoction:





Toad Belly

Python feces

Brain steroids

Federer sweat

Nadal sweat

Natural prodigy flavours

Artificial coloring


itsa orange drin mix like a powqder that you put in water 

its really popular in norway

zenzensc2 wrote:

itsa orange drin mix like a powqder that you put in water

its really popular in norway

 Kool Aid?


He was drinking Coke yesterday, I believe.  I was a bit surprised!

You can see it here:
Go to the second video,  Round 13 -- Part 4.
At 6:21 - 6:44 (his clock says say 28:06, his opponent's (Radjabov) clock says 2:37), he takes two swings from a plastic bottle with what looks like a dark substance with High Fructose Corn Syrup, articifical flavorings and colorings and who knows what other synthetic chemicals.  Ick!   No wonder he was so tired at the Press Conference.  Hopefully it was dark colored OJ to throw off his opponent. Smile
-David Tornheim


Magnus has been sponsored by a pop fizz corporation that is marketing a new drink called Magnatron with extra fizz. The marketing will require Magnus to grow a mo like this guy :


Why do we even care. Us drinking orange juice won't have us play at Carlsen's level...

theimprovingplayer wrote:

I've always seen him drinking a distinct light-orange drink. I am just curious as to what it is. Norwegian mind-steroids?

Well i can come up with a couple of reasons. He is a player just like us.

Ok we all know that problem solver sit on your hands well maybe he use the orange juice to slow him down. Preachers often have a glass of water when preaching. I asked my preacher why and he told him it will relax the mouth and with that the body.

Also he could use it as a stimulus ever time he figures out that key move. I figure this might have started a long time ago and since fixed the problem so now it is habit. The old good action = reward from psychology 101. Doubt he is treating it like a lucky charm.

Another possible solution. He hates Orange Juice and that is why he has that expression on his face. The more he drinks the more angry he gets and they keeps him......focused or motivated during the coarse of the game. Now keep in mind he is playing a GM so he needs to focus more than us plus his level of play is higher so if he can keep that at 95% and not let it drop to 85%(still might be enough to win) that improves his chance during the games.  Have to remind everybody reading this that you have called his games brutal  and maybe even a little boring. This is what has been said in 2 other threads. Also talked about him dragging out games to get the win. Well if OJ taste nasty to him and he keeps taking sips (make him angry and takes it on opponent) he can keep up as long as he has OJ.

This OJ maybe the reason for his facial expression as it has gotten stuck this way over a period of time.


Watered down orange juice




Liquid nuclear fallout from the Tsar Bomba with food coloring.


Bugs Bunny's urine




Fish stock.


I wonder if he ever gets tired of the orange juice?