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What is the best pgn/cbh viewer app for iphone?

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    Only request is that the annotations can be viewed while going through the moves on a board.

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    I use the ChessDB app on the iphone which does the job. The annotations come up after each move in like a pop up text message type of thing. You can easily upload files onto it to be viewed via itunes

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    There are two free apps that also works, chess viewer and CBase chess.  Some pgn files don't work in CBase chess so Chess viewer is probably better,  but the annotations comes in a separate screen.

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    what are the choices to view my own .pgn files on the iPhone?

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    Thumbs up for ChessDB. It works well and comes with thousands of grandmaster games, many with annotations. Well worth the $4.

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    How do you tranfer PGNs and eboks to chess viewer via iTunes?

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    you can transfer it through the app section in itunes, scroll down and you can see a section to add files to certain apps.

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    will it let you play and store multiple lines?


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