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What is the real and true Chess Strength of a chess player?

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    blueemu wrote:
    DrSpudnik wrote:

    Ratings are only a measure of past performance. One's actual "strength" is only shown in the last game you played.

    So Vishy... who played a quick, lifeless draw against Carslen today... is no longer the fire-eater that he was yesterday, when he demolished Aronian.

    What a difference in playing strength 24 hours can make!

    If he keeps playing these, that'll be what he's known for. He had better eat more fire or I'll get bored of him.

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    I wonder why they agreed to the quick draw.

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    loss of nerve?

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    Carlsen had a fever... he was seeing the on-site doctor just before the game... and Anand had an infected throat.

    Speaking from personal experience, I've never beaten a healthy opponent.

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    Nice one blueemu, anyway going back to the topic here is another line that Karpov had to say to Lasker and Capablanca, " They were so sure of their brilliance that they knew they could cope with the trouble over the board and they proved it in practice".

    Are those guys so really that far away from their contemporaries when it comes to talent/ability that such things would make Karpov assume that they could achieve such a task (besides the fact that they did in actual practice) ? I wonder what Karpov saw in their "chess style characteristics" What kind of chess strenght is he seeing? Wish i could ask Karpov that question.


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