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What is the Worst Thing Which Ever Happened To You In a Chess Game or Tournamen

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    touch move then loose my queen.

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    I thought I had checkmate, but my opponent's last move put me in discoverd check... so I had to lose my queen. Still ended up winning though (I was already a queen for the exchange and a pawn up, and I got a dangerous passed pawn)

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    This is not the worse thing-- but happens in my 15 minute games. I am playing a master and I am slow even in 15 minute games.  But I am a little better throughout the game and end up in a rook and pawn endgame which is probably winning But I do not have the time.

    We get down to where I have Rook and Pawn  vs his Rook with about 80 seconds left and I offer a draw.  He refuses [and rightly so]. I eventually  lose on time. 

    [I do not think I would be very good in bullet chess Undecided]

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    SupremeOverlord wrote:

    I got blackmailed by the TD to lose my game against his relative.

    I hope you are joking... :/

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    I was playing a game against a guy who has a clear advantage, I was thinking at the board very hard, trying to focus, trying to hold and defend then out of nowhere he said to me I will give you a draw if you give me your number.I was so mad that almost punch him in the face.I ended losing 3 moves later and my revenge is yet to come

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    klfay1 wrote:

    I played in my first and only local tournament several years ago while still in high school.  Our chess club was very informal and we never used chess clocks, played with time controls, or any of that stuff.  The club advisor explained how tournaments work but omitted one thing (read on).

    I showed up for my first game against some kid about 13 years old.  He tied me in knots and I had a knight blocking him from some variation on scholar's mate.  I went to move a piece and accidentally knocked over the knight.  I picked it up and put it back, then went to move another piece.  The exchange went something like this:

    Him:  I insist you move that knight.

    Me:  But I was just putting it back.

    Him:  Did you say "I adjust"?

    Me:  What???

    Him:  If you don't say "I adjust" you have to move it.

    Me:  Get outta here.

    I moved a pawn, at which point he went to get a tournament director.

    TD:  Did you say "I adjust"?

    Me:  What are you talking about?

    TD:  Touch rules.  If you didn't say "I adjust" you have to move the piece.

    At this point, I thanked him for the info, sat down, and waited for my clock to run out (I had about 30 minutes) so I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of checkmating me.  Then I went to the TD, withdrew, and went home.

    Looking back, it was immature, but I was pretty upset in the heat of the moment.

    I don't think that your club advisor was very smart or informative because the touch move rule is really important but if you're playing chess you should know it.

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    a kid almost swallowed a pawn and then he pulled down the fire alarm and everyone had to exti the building into the snow

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    I played a kids' chess tournament when I was 9 years old.  I was in the unrated section.  I had won my first two games, and I was on my way to winning the third.  At the end, the board setup was my king + rook vs. the other kid's king.  At this point the other kid's dad started howling that it was a drawn position, that I had no way to force the win.  I knew I did, and demonstrated it to the TD, but the TD declared the match a draw anyways.

    As an adult, the worst story I have is a variation of klfay's.  I was in a tight game against a good opponent with a reputation for being a nasty guy.  We both barely made it past the 40/90 time control, and I gradually opened up a significant advantage.  I pinned his queen to his king with my queen, with a pawn backing up my queen, so I was going to go up a queen and win the match.  I had 1 minute left, he had 2 minutes left.  He tried to move his queen, which was illegal.  I pointed this out to the TD, who gave him a 1 minute runoff as a penalty.  He then grabbed a knight and moved it instead.  I knew about the touch-move rule, but I thought the TD would enforce it if needed, and I figured that because he didn't make a legal move the touch-move rule didn't count.  I ended up losing on time, instead of having the TD run off his other minute and winning the match.

    Afterwards, one of the other club players started yelling at the TD that he should have enforced touch-move.  The TD said it was his job to enforce, but not point out, such violations.  Another player started yelling at my opponent that he was a dirty cheat, because he knew better.  My opponent then said that he'd break every rule in the book if it meant winning the game.  I called him a dirty piece of...poop...and he challenged me to a fight.  

    The next week I went back, and the TD had apologized.  He had contacted the USCF and they had responded that he should have spoken up in the situation that was there.  My opponent got a 1-year ban from the club, but it was still an awful mess.  I lost a game I should have won because of time pressure, my own ignorance, a dirty opponent, and a TD that didn't know his job.   

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    I remember a big tournament in Reno, where my opponent reeked of pot, and was clearly a little drunk too (I was in the under 1400 section). I thought to myself' 'this should be easy', and went into familiar lines, settled back, and was a little too confident. I made one bad move and the guy is suddenly Magnus Carlsen- an unrelenting stream of good moves and strong pressure caused me to eventually collapse, with a headache to boot. I'm talking over an hour and a half of sustained, desperate and painful calculating- look for anything that might extracate me from the mess I was in. I'll never forget the look on his face, eyes blazing red, mellow grin on his face! I bet the board was swirling to the guy, the whole table spinning. I even pondered trying to 'trip him out' to trip him up and get him to screw up. Non sense moves like repetitive moves that lead to nothing, cat and mouse type stuff, but I tried to keep it legit and wanted to find the real strongest move. It never came- I got crushed.

    Another time, a person that was loosing a game next to me was stammering under his breath and being more than a little distracting to many people. It got worse. He was very figetty and ended up sitting on the back of his chair. Picture this- he is up sitting with his butt on the back of the chair, his feet up on the seat portion, looking down at his loosing position. As I recall to opponent was a little girl, maybe 10 years old. The guy takes a dive off the back of the chair and ends up rolling around on the ground clutching his wrist in 'pain' and saying "Ow! ow! my wrist". People are up off their boards surrounding him. Many are very annoyed at the clear distraction tactics. The TD is there and gives them a break for a few minutes and allows the guy to choose whether he wants to forfeit or get back in there. He goes back to it- clutching his wrist with a grimmace on his face. He loses his game.


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