What Is Your Chess Play Style? Post it Here.

kingattacker3 wrote:
Toviya wrote:

I set up a solid position, make a huge mistake, spend the rest of the game defending and asking myself why I play this horrible game.

And yet you managed to get up to 1600 so can't be all that bad lol 

Oh that’s just the rating they gave me for my new account. I haven’t played any games on this account. I am learning a full set of new openings, so I expect my rating to drop for a while as I learn.


Bad, just really really bad.


i have no certain style. i move my piece to any square if i think its necessary/the best for me.


Im the oh-look-he-missed-mate-in-one-ha!gotya-oh-no-it-was-a-trap player... and u?

BlunderousWilliam wrote:

Slow and positional. I try to start less aggressive, and slowly build up to an attack in hopes of surprising my opponent. The operative word being 'try'

I also try to mimic Botvinnik's style of play, and I like using the English and Queen's Gambit.


My chess style is attack mostly and defend only when urgent
I also use position