What Is Your Go-To Opening As White And As Black?-Survey 1


As white, here are some of my openings and traps:

As black:

Just one: Any variation of the Sicilian Defense

These are not 100% accurate,i am an amatuar at chess.

What are your favorite openings?


Really the only openings I know how to play, are the Scotch as White, and the Philidor's as Black lol xD- terrible huh? Lol


no better than me happy.png


in your fourth example, why shouldn't black play 6. ... Nxf4? i like the kings gambit best!

this is one reason:

if the Queen takes the pawn, white has a good position with two pieces down. A lot of KG positions don't look like normal chess. i love that


i said they are not perfect, and they take advantage of mistakes


very interesting, i am trying to learn here (blitz rating 1058)


on the first diagram, on move 5 black has Nxe5


True, but it's a trap. I usually take the risk and try it xD







Another good gambit, The Halloween Gambit





I learned it today lol


@gocapitals this is a better version


Scotch game if black cooperates.   Trying to learn Ruy Lopez, might take a while.  

For black, I'm still looking around.  In daily games, Sicilian Najdorf is treating me well, but the variations are too complicated for me to play it OTB at this point.  

Hey, that first one. Awesome trap! ♟

Which one, @guineapig25 of mine?

gocapitals wrote:

Which one, @guineapig25 of mine?

I mean OR mine


After reading GM Yasser Seirawan's, "Winning Chess Opening" wherein he describes, "building a safe house for your King" I have always followed his suggestion of doing just that. Plus the opening are very flexible.

So, as White I almost always start off with Nf3, followed by either d4, e4, g3, Bg2 and after that possibly O-O or d4. This is similar to Reti or King's Indian. It's flexible and if g3, Bg2 are played can castle in 4 moves. After Nf3 my moves will generally respond to Black's but most of the moves noted above are done in the first 5 or 6 moves.

As Black, I employ the Pirc or KID (again, allows "building the house"). So, either d6 (Pirc) to e4, or Nf6 (KID) to d4. The next few moves would generally be Nf6 (Pirc) g6, Bg7 so by move 4 or 5 the option to castle is available.

Wether I castle right away or play some other moves depends upon my opponent; however, as either White or Black I have that option available early. Another advantage I used to have was beginners don't tend to play these openings and many opponents were unsure how to respond. This isn't the case any more; I'm no longer a beginner and neither are most opponents.


Sicilian Alapin and Albin Countergambit