What supplements do you take?

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    One of my favorite players:

    Tony Miles (+)

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    FonzMcBride wrote:

    manfredmann wrote:

    Slim - Whoa, I scrolled back and I see what you mean


    Hey, I gave him good advice ,even called him ' brother ' I was not telling him what to take and insulting him ,get your facts straight . And get on topic ,if you have nothing to add to the bald GM's discussion then PM each other OK?

    who me

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    Anything banned on the IOC list works.

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    manfredmann wrote:

    Oh, excuse us Fonz for making a couple of comments to one another on your precious thread. Go take a suppository, it will improve your disposition, bro.

    I accept your apology but don't call me 'bro' OK?

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    Bro, I told you earlier about using the supplements and going to the gym. Which you responded by saying "why the hell would I go to the gym?"

    I guess you have never heard of exercise?

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    I smoke a lot of rhymes-with-lot. Smile

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    i take diatabs alternate it with imodium and dolcolax. 

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    Procera AVH.

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    TheBigDecline wrote:

    I smoke a lot of rhymes-with-lot. 

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