What's important to include if I want to put chess on my resume?




You can definitely put down being a chess instructor as work experience. You might want to mention being a master/your rating/a significant tournament you won.

I think there are many soft skills that are associated with chess, so you could definitely include those.

Beyond that, unless you're applying for a chess-specific position, I don't think many employers will care.


professional oach


My entire resume is chess, lol

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My entire resume is chess, lol


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professional oach

I never though of that. A professional oach. I will be sure to include that! happy.png

Depends on the role you are applying for and how your chess proficiency is relevant to that role. Keep in mind that it is unlikely that either HR or the hiring manager will understand chess ratings. BUT, if you can tie your expertise/proficiency to the role, I would certainly mention it - and call out the relevancy. Otherwise, I’d leave it in your hobbies/interests area. I personally feel that this is one of those “bonus” areas to save for the interview to help put you over the other candidates.

Try to think what would impress you, if you were a Human Ressources ignorant in chess. And avoid drowning the good stuff in things they would not know what it is.

So, ratings? No. But are you FIDE rated? Yay! "International Chess competitor" you can write then. Otherwise, "USCF chess player" willdo. (They won't know the acronym, but it's an impressive acronym, they may google it.)

Won some titles, trophies or else? Try to think of which are looking better, and pick a convincing formulation, such as "Winnipeg U10 bronze medal 2009".

If you coached, then from what year to what year, and where.


You get the idea.


never through of that


You could include that you are the president of Baylor's chess club, helped manage the Club's Instagram, and helped form Baylor's first competitive chess team.


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Maybe something to do with management and administration if you run any large clubs...

As many have mentioned coaching is definitely relevant as well. 


Not a cheater


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Good sportsmanship


Doesn't cry when losing. Doesn't disconnect. Has good hygiene and smells good. Washes hands with soap and water after using bathroom




1. Professional coaching (time management, sales, working with people, etc.)

2. Competitive chess (USCF rating of XXXX, representing the top YY% of all tournament players)

3. Leadership in Baylor's chess team

It's meaningful.


Just one line will impress , write down I can give a blindfold simul against 8 opponents, they will be too impressed to ask you anything further