what's the longest game you've played?


I didn't search that hard, but through 10 or so pages of my archive I found one with 71 moves:

you guys got a longer one?

My Internet is not so good right now and i can't insert games but here's the link.



60 moves is my longest game


games arent that long for me cuz i suck


i dont keep track!


Check my latest blog :P.  89 move grind in the gruenfeld vs. a 2100 rated OTB> :)


Over a 100 moves during an online game.


83 moves here. OTB I played one game 134 moves in Action (G/30). Only about 75 moves in OTB longer time controls


Once I had a really long one against Dog_Day_Afternoon.


78 moves for me against a Mexican guy online, truth is he should have resigned around move 58, all he had was his King and a few badly placed pawns. 

Instead of resigning he kept trying to offer me a draw Surprised, seemingly unaware that I could checkmate him with only rook and king.  After taking every last pawn checkmate was delivered.

I seem to remember over 100 moves against Chessmaster a few years ago.     


In an online game, my longest was 116 moves, which i unfortunately lost.

OTB longest game was well over 100 moves and the game went on for 3 hours, which i once again lost.


I believe my longest was 96 moves in a USCF tournament. I ended up drawing from what should have been a won position at the end (queen vs rook, but there were pawns, and one of his was threatening to queen). Earlier in the game, though, the position was dead drawn and my opponent declined my draw offer. I only got the advantage because he insisted on playing for a win to the end.



My database contains more than thirty games that went over 100 moves. It does not contain a one minute bullet game that went 120 moves because I do not save bullet. My longest ever was a game I muffed against my phone, then reaching a drawn position, the Chessmaster software available from my phone service avoided a draw, eventually allowing me to win. After this comedy, I stopped playing chess against my phone.


My longest was 102, my opponent didn't know how to mate with bishop and knight.

Schachgeek wrote:

I have several unfinished correspondence games that begain in the late 1980's...my opponents mysteriously disappeared and are probably still in some gulag deep in Sibera, so deep in Siberia they haven't got word of the USSR's demise.

By now you should have claimed a victory by timeout.


mine is 82. It took me forever to mate with queen vs rook


42 moves to be exact


btw, your phone should just sacrifice the rook for the pawn


the world record longest grandmaster game was NN Alekhine. It was 269 moves and Alekhine finally won

rrrttt wrote:

the world record longest grandmaster game was NN Alekhine. It was 269 moves and Alekhine finally won

That NN guy just keeps losing to everyone. He really needs to give up and find a new hobby.