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What's your chess set up on Linux?

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    Any Linux users out there? I've been using it lately but I haven't installed any chess engine/GUI yet. Please let me know what are some of the options available.

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    Check out this link:


  • #3

    Wow, that's awesome. Thanks, Ralph.

  • #4

    i need to install scid on to my ubuntu machine but its a big package and my computer down stairs has a terrible connection :/ if you find anything good please tell me i still need to look at the link above what distro are you using

  • #5

    I have Puupy linux on my old laptop.

  • #6

    i like browser linux better than puppy but my laptop just went bad so idk :/ but i installed scid onto my ubuntu machine and i also have stock fish fruit and something else but i dont know how to use those engines in scid can anyone help?


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