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What's your playing style?

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    kramnik like lol

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    Lady-Jane wrote:

    What's your playing style?  Apparently, from what people tell me, my playing style is unorthodox. Not sure if "unorthodox" is a playing style, but oh well. 

    UnorthodoxBreaking with convention or tradition; not orthodox.

    I'd say unorthodox is a playing style if it ignores most (or all) of the opening and endgame principles listed in the blogs below. 



    I'd say my own "style" is unimaginative in the openings, weak in closed positions and too inconsistent to characterize other than by saying overall it's mediocre.

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    Insanity, complete insanity,

    One of Webster's definitions of Insanity is "Doing the same things over and over again but expecting a different result."

    Thats how i play chess... looking for something new in the opening, bending the rules in the middle game, and trying to launch an attack in the end game

    AKA losing, but it feels so good to play those moves! I cant stop... this time... this time it will be different, if i just keep trying, i'll find something undiscovered in a 2000 year old game... im sure of it.

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    I try to restrict my opponents options, so i guess im positional ^^

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    My opinion: Tactical. I love to create sacrificial attacks, completely crush my opponents in a gambit, and weak at positional chess.

    Fact: I am being completely crushed against strong defence if I attack, so I usually trade down to equal endgames, after which my opponent resign 20-50 moves later.

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    I love sacrificing pieces as well.  Uh oh, is that this the new in thing?  For laughs.  Its the most fun way to play though IMO.  Win or lose.

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    Grinmaster wrote:

    Whenever it's my move I curl into the fetal position and weep.  After about 20 minutes I compose myself and unleash a twelve move mating net upon my opponent.  Unfortunately......I lose all of my blitz games because they only last 10 minutes.

    clever :P


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