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When a pawn passes, there is no funeral

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    So, do picketers from the Westboro Baptist Church visit the funerals of passed gay pawns?

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    But if the passed pawn becomes a bishop, can they revere and condemn him at the same time?

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    pawnsolo2 wrote:


    "I didn't mean to make you see red." 

    My profile page is black, so red works best for me.

    So where is the humorous, ironic, or risqué purpose that conveys a message which would be socially awkward, or even offensive, to state directly?  

    Example:When is a passed pawn gay? When it becomes a queen.

    "My profile page is black, so red works best for me"

    • Yes, but it looks crappy in the forum, and conveys agitation, alert or aggression

    "So where is the humorous, ironic, or risqué purpose that conveys a message which would be socially awkward, or even offensive, to state directly?"

    • It was a double entendre because cause it had two connotations, one of them ironic (e.g. passed pawn  vs. passed[-away] pawn, wherein a passed pawn in chess is opposite of passing away as in death, but rather is a promotion in life). You're mistaken. You're busting my chops here for nothing, or at least in the wrong way. 

    "Example: When is a passed pawn gay? When it becomes a queen"

    • That is not necessarily true in modern chess, because in modern societies we see women serving even in the infantry.
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    pawnsolo2 wrote:

    My profile page is black, so red works best for me.


    So everyone else's posts are invisible to you?

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    Why don't you start your own youtube channel. I'm sure I'll be a regular.


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