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When it's the other player's turn, I...

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    ... What do you do when it's the other guy's turn?

    Do you have a mechanical list of steps that you process in your head?

    Do you focus solely on potential attacks? On defense?

    Do you randomly analyze the board? 

    Do you check your Facebook?

    Let's hear it

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    I don't have a concious process. It first struck me today as a good idea to find one. I tend to look for 1-2 move tactics first, then stare at his king and try to find angles to attack. 

    I know there are more productive steps to do. I think it would be great to come up with an anagram to drill into my head.

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    When it's the other player's turn, I sit there thinking "Damn... why did I make a silly move like that?"

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    More seriously, dynamic analysis (I-go-here, he-goes-there) can be done during your own turn, and static analysis (Space/Time/Force analysis) can be done during the opponent's turn.


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