Where are the pure mathematicians to discuss chess?

SwimmerBill wrote:
CraigIreland wrote:

It's not Pure Mathematics but I'd also recommend understanding Computational Complexity.

Theoretical Computer Science is very mathematical.

How do you count floating point operations in a chess game?

Maybe cognitive complexity is more appropriate, should someone ever come up with a quantifiable definition.

Chess Engines don't require floating point operations though they do perform arithmetic operations.

The relevant resource for solving Chess as we know it is Time. The complexity class is P.

P Complexity

Without the 50 move rule, it becomes EXP

EXP Complexity

However the Computational Complexity of solving Chess on a generalised NxN board has been shown to be PSPACE Complete.

Storer: On the Complexity of Chess

PSPACE Complete




The 50 moves rule plays no role. In ICCF correspondence play the 50-moves rule is never invoked. 7-men endgame table base win claims that exceed the 50 moves are allowed, but never happen.
The games end in draws long before, by the 3-fold repetition rule, or reaching a 7-men endgame table base draw, or a known draw position.


"How do you count floating point operations in a chess game?"
++ There are no floating point operations in a chess game, only arithmetic on integers and boolean logic operations.