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Where to find live chess feeds

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    There are many websites and chess servers out there that broadcast live moves from chess tournaments around the world. To name a few: chessbomb.com, whychess.com, ICC, FICS, and I'm sure there are more. Some show the time remaining for each player, and some even show analysis from some engine such as houdini.

    My question is: where can I find this raw data? Let's say that I want to create my own website that also broadcasts the results of these games. I'm guessing that these tournaments are broadcasting the moves in some standard way, and it's possible to listen to those raw broadcasts, and I'm curious how this can be done.

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    I did a little digging around to find the right terms to search for and came up with - "pgn feed of live chess".  This lead me to a link of the following page: http://code.google.com/p/pgn4web/wiki/Live_Broadcast

    DGT electronic chess boards produce the moves and times that are then used in the live feed.

    I don't know any more than this really and imagine the raw feeds entail getting in touch with the official sites of matches/tournaments.


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