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Which bullet do you prefer ?

  • #1

    1m or 2|1m ? Why?

  • #2
    1m because 2|1m is too long
  • #3

    2/1 because it is like blitz, yet not blitz.

    There is time to think and you are not playing rubbish. When you have a winning position you can actually win it, rather than lose on time even with 2 queens which is what often happens in 1/0.

  • #4

    Interesting to see which time will get more votes

  • #5

    2/1.......I agree with # 2 reasoning.    we can still THINK at 2/1  AND can have enough time to win when ahead ridiculous amounts of material -- unlike 1/0

  • #6

    The one without my name on it


  • #7

    2/1 is too lethargic to be bullet.



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