Which Chess player do you think there should be a movie about?


Except for Robert Fischer, I'm tired of Americans and western europeans allways answering with their hero, so any chess player except for Bobby.


Personally I think Wilhelm Steinitz would make an interesting movie. From his early life and career to the early days, his uprise, his world championship. His new ideas, the way he had to fought for them, the problem and attitude the rest of the chess world met his ideas with. And finally how he went mad and ended up in a Mental Asylum.

Who would you prefer to see a chess movie about?


paul morphy


it's interesting to see Paul Morphy took europe by storm and paved the way for the rise of hypermodern ideas in chess.  this genius would normally take less than 2 or 3 minutes to think of his strongest move, and may i say, the strongest move even super grandmasters of our time would agree with. defeated one of the strongest Romantics of his time, the great Adolf Anderssen, even when morphy was very ill.


Kasparov. I mean, he's a good chess player, really.


interesting, i like both choices, but i think mikhail tal would also be great.

besides his amazing playing, his illness throughout his life would add an interesting backstory.  he was really an amazing guy.


Do you mean one chess player ? I was gonna say all the Russian Players, but just for one I'll say Kasparov.


Pillsbury would be a good subject...and maybe a movie centerd around the Tal Botvinnik match....


Hi guys,

Both Kasparov and Fischer had enough drama in their lives that a good movie could have been made of it. 

Watch your backrank.


Didn't know there were any movie made about Kasparov ?

edit: Yes I found out they did, Game Over Kasparov (2003), The Kasparov's movie: from chess to politics (2008)


How about no one? Writers can really be creative, with the special effects nowadays. Directors can make any movie really interesting and fun to watch..They made golf interesting...no offense to the avid golfers...


Magnus Carlsen!!!!!!! HIS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


J. Depp as Paul Morphy...




i think they could make a film or series on the history of chess that way it ward step though time on all the chess players. and we could see the birth of the first world champion plus it ward show us the different lifes of all the chessplayers Al pacino could play Tal ,de nero botvinnik,micheal caine frank marshall,johnny depp Ruy Lopez,


Akiba Rubinstein


I would say Capablanca, but let us not forget about Paul Morphy, Alekhine, Tal... Those are not only great playes but also great humans.


No doubt Karpov and how his country and the FIDE manipulated tornaments by throwing games, then how they kidnapped Korchonois son during the world championship and all the other underhanded things that were done by Karpov and his country.


I would rather watch a fishing movie than a movie on chess.


Johannes Hermann Zukertort!

Check this out:




     Morphy or Tal

     I would prefer Tal.