Which Chess player do you think there should be a movie about?


Alekhine would be best for a movie about a "lone wolf" chessplayer trying to find meaning in his life.

Absurd wrote:

Mir Sultan Khan.

I agree, I think Mir Sultan Khan would be a most interesting story.


Josh Waitzkin? What about the true former chess child prodigy Jeff Sarwer? Josh was supposed to be his biggest rival, but instead was following Jeff's path and staying in his shadow. Jeff's chess career was maybe short, but it was full of spectacular events and he was for sure the most amazing and talented chess player at his age, as his first coach Bruce Pandolfini confirms. Allen Kaufman head of the American Chess Foundation said, "Jeff at nine is stronger than Bobby was at 11." Jeff not Josh was a panelist at the Karpov – Kasparov World Championship Match in 1986 and 1987 on PBS.

His life and what he's been through is definitely worth seeing on the screen. If you had read the articles about him and his crazy family in magazines such as GQ or Vanity Fair you would know that the guy has amazing stories behind him and I believe that a film about him would be a Hollywood hit! The Sarwers had an extreme life in almost every regard including living on hippie communes under fake names. A lot of tragedy in their story, but it certainly would make a heck of a social piece especially since it seems that Jeff came out of it all now as a solid European poker player. I hope one day somebody will do this.

Meantime take a look at these sites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Sarwer http://chessatknight.blogspot.com


After reading through more of Garry Kasparov's "My Great Predecessors" I think that a movie about Max Euwe's life would have made a great one. He was a remarkable man and he to often goes by unnoticed when people discuss chess masters through the times.


O_o_O wrote:

Magnus Carlsen!!!!!!! HIS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good call five years ago.


Deep Blue - The story of IBM's famous chess computer and it's tragic fall into drugs and alcohol amid the allegations of cheating that followed the Kasparov matches.


Rubinstein or Tal





Master level player, got wounded so badly in WW! he forgot how to play, and had to learn the game again.

He reached master level again. In WWII, he was on a barge fleeing the Nazis from leningrad. The barge was bombed, and he was the only one killed.


Emanuel Lasker, after reading How to Defend in Chess I developed a lot of respect for him.  Germany back in the day stole his money simply for being Jewish so he was forced out of retirement... and still held his own against players who were a generation more advanced and in their prime. 

Also they should show a top view of the position from Shereshevsky's Endgame Manual where he faced Bogolubov to save the draw from a seemingly hopeless position.  His seventh game in the world championship vs. Schlechter (a draw, but an exciting one!) should also be featured. 

Theempiremaker wrote:
Absurd wrote:

Mir Sultan Khan.

I agree, I think Mir Sultan Khan would be a most interesting story.

I studied one of his great games:



Alexander Alekhine and his drinking problems wich led to his defeat upon Euwe(it's said that he drank during some games). Besides he got married several times, i believe five times. He was the only world champion who died with the title, and his death was badly explained. Plus he lived during the WW1 and 2, wich affected directly his life, and even after because of his anti-semite articles that many claim to link him to nazi ideals.


I'm pretty sure there was a 1942 film where Capablanca fights nazis, or something.


Claude F. Bloodgood - The guy in Virginia that was part of the VAPEN chess club (VAPEN = Viginia Penitentiary), and pairings and results were rigged to make him "number 2" in the United States.  He was in jail from what I believe was murder.  I don't recall what he died of, but I think he died somewhere between 2001 and 2005.

Combine Chess, killing, and jail life into 1 movie!


Me, a movie about my chess playing career. Of course it would be a comedy. But based on a true story. Will Ferrell would play me. I'd call it "Deep Poo - The dark underbelly of amateur chess."


Alekhine. Doesn't even have to be chess themes, ol' Al had an interesting life.


Tal pls


Ok, BradStone19 says don't make a movie about any chess player, it would be a waste.

I guess that's the end of this discussion.


Hard to imagine a more captivating and polarizing figure than Josh Waitzkin.


How is Josh Waitzkin polarizing?