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which opening u preffer most?

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    Playing White:  1. Evan's Gambit.

                            2. Lolli and Fried Liver Attack

                            3. Smith Morra Gambit

    Playing Black    1. Center Counter

                            2. Nimzo Indian and Sometimes Englund Defense

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    White: Reti 

    Black: Sicilian

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    I also play Ruy Lopez for a complex game.

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    @nylsel.pls tell me about reti

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    reti starts up with the move 1.Nf3 which can transpose to many openings such as KID, Grunfeld the same with the move 1.c4 

    Playing this opening requires preperations and clear positional understanding in the game.

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    The only drawback in the Reti is it risking the spatial advantage due to the first move. Unlike 1.e4 or even 1.d4 the game was very open with both chances and it's hard for Black to gain equality with not accurate play.

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    can u teach me ?

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    can I teach what? 

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    Based on your rating. It seems that you should be better than me. :D

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    but i really struggle in bullet and TT(to find the shortest move)

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     So it seems that your problem is finding the best move in time pressure, as you are struggling on short time controls. :D

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    Bishop's Italian for now, but in a transition period.


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