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White to play and draw?

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    Hello everyone!


    I wanted to know if there is a way for white to draw here. Please help me understand this ending :)

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    Edit: Thanks renanreis, I only thought for a few seconds Tongue Out

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    Set it up as an interactive diagram and you might get more responses.The Bd coordinates would also be handy!

    Offhand 1.Ne6 Ke6 and heading over to the Queening sq ASAP looks like a plan - but whether or not it draws remains to be seen.

    There are endgame DBs available now that solve all endgames with 5 or fewer pieces, so my idea could be checked out that way.

    You might also consider reposting this in the endgame forum. 

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    Rnewms, when black plays g1=Q white knight is pinned and cannot move!

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    No white cannot draw.


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