Who are the all time best at home opening prepares?


My vote goes to Kasparov, Fischer, and Ivanchuk.


Ivanchuk is known for playing every opening and knowing it deeply, kasparov and fischer are self explanatory 


I would add Anand to the list.  Not so much in his younger days, but in the last dozen years or so he has out-prepared his competition consistently.

No one matches Kasparov for novelties which change the evaluation of a line, though.


What is a novelty btw? i hear that word thrown around a lot!


It's short for "theoretical novelty" or "TN" as they were marked in the early days of the Chess Informant, the first publication to make large numbers of current master games available.

It means a "new move" - one played for the first time in that position.


Fischer or KAasparov I'd say its Kasparov tho


no votes for botvinnik?